UMC eXpert focusses on three market segments, Hospitals (academic and general hospitals), Universities (e.g. medical schools), and Governments (Ministries of Health and Ministries of Education). The products and services offered in these segments differ somewhat.


With its products and services UMC eXpert assists hospitals in improving the quality of the patient care processes, it facilitates the introduction and implementation of innovative techniques and procedures and it gives advice on setting-up and running of clinical research centers. UMC eXpert offers these services both to existing institutions as well as to new hospitals and research centers that are under development.


With the help of UMC eXpert Universities can improve the quality of their curriculum, achieve lower drop-out rates and run accreditation processes. The set-up of new schools can be facilitated and teaching staff can be trained in the newest insights in education. UMC eXpert can provide training programs for master students in medical science, but also for highly qualified nurses. 


Governments can get world class advice on a broad spectrum of health care (related) issues, e.g. on topics like one-health, prevention and screening programs, how to deal with Ebola and MERS. Both on policy making and implementation level UMC eXpert can assist in all types of design and improvement projects in the public health domain.



UMC eXpert first assesses the need for information with its client, to see what type of expertise is required, whether multiple sources of expertise would benefit the client and how the knowledge transfer should be executed. Then UMC eXpert selects knowledge partners from The Netherlands that can provide the necessary expertise. This expertise can have many different forms, such as state-of-the art knowledge, newly developed products, evidence based training programs, or experienced professionals. UMC eXpert makes this expertise available and actively oversees the entire process of knowledge transfer, up to the point where the client can use the knowledge without any further support. The focus of UMC eXpert therefore lies with long-term solutions.