Apart from knowledge institutions such as universities and consultancy firms, UMC eXpert has access to all Dutch healthcare institutions, including hospitals, psychiatric care units, psychological care units, social healthcare units, outpatient centers, community based care centers, training centers and health promotion institutions as well as general and specific care institutions (such as addiction clinics, rehabilitation clinics, autism clinics, etc.). In the collaboration with UMC eXpert, these institutions are called ‘Knowledge partners’.

Major partners are the University Medical Center of Utrecht (UMCU) together with the University of Utrecht (UU) and the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (HU), Elevate, Ortec, Berenschot, ACTA (Faculty of Dentistry). MSM (Maastricht School of Management) and Mental Health Care Organization (GGZ NHN), covering a diverse field of University-level education, digital collaboration, process optimization (in logistics), (medical) training, innovation and research (basic-, translational- and clinical research). Via a one-stop-shop approach UMC eXpert offers access to the Dutch academic institutions and consultancy sector.

UMC eXpert has the ability to quickly select the most suitable partner for each project. It is also possible to use multiple knowledge partners simultaneously, making it possible to create unique combinations of specialized knowledge and experience. Furthermore, UMC eXpert can extend its list of collaborators if a project requires it. This way UMC eXpert can provide state-of-the art knowledge in any field.


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